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Bella qualifies for the 2015 Fastnet

Fantastic news, Bella has completed the Myth of Malham race from Cowes to the Edison lighthouse and back which is her second Fastnet qualifying race and covered 315 racing miles to make her application for the 2015 Fastnet race successful.

The crew of Bella navigated her off the line bang on time, an expression that is wholly relevant for a group of yachts that decided to bash into each other.

The winds were largely light which always makes sailing a 50 foot boat a little trickier but the crew skilfully sailed her from Cowes to the Edison lighthouse which is 110 miles away and back with a Saturday lunchtime start and a mid-day finish on Monday.

Well done Ken, Katie, Chris, Mike, Andrew, Stephen, Johnathan and not least Nigel for his start line wizardry. 

Posted 26th May @ 4:02


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