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Autumn Sailing in October

Weather is always a gamble when you book a sailing weekend; sometimes there’s too much, sometimes not enough but, irrespective of what higher authorities throw at us, we can always find something to keep us occupied and make a great sailing weekend of it. And so it was last weekend. There was little to no wind so we set our sights on a slow drift on the tide to Poole with just an influence of wind. We packed three spinnakers, a great lunch and bags of patience.

So spinney training it was; spinnaker up, spinnaker down, peeling, bear head changes - all in pursuit of training for the next windy day.

Our return journey from Poole was slightly better with a light NE wind so we were able to move between an asymmetric and white sails to power us up to the enormous speeds of 7 knots (or not).

All of this was blessed with flat blue seas and clear skies, a great weekend for all!

Don't take our word for it - this is what Stephen, one of our crew for the weekend, had to say afterwards: "I have sailed on Bella several times and it has always been a very enjoyable experience. Every day a learning day in good weather or bad. Skipper Mike is knowledgeable and is a great teacher. Mike makes you feel safe and enables you to become a better sailor. No matter what your skill levels are when you start sailing on Bella they will be improved by the end of the trip. If you get the chance to sail on Bella take it."

So if this has whetted your appetite, keep an eye out for information about next season's events and join us if you can!


Posted 23rd October @ 11:00

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