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Cruising Events Overview

Event Organiser Join Bella Cruise Date Leave Bella Event Duration Event Description Distance Price
Season Opener - Three Bella of London 27th Apr 2018 18:00 28th Apr 2018 29th Apr 2018 2+ days The last of this year's season openers; the sun will have positively emerged by this event, so it's ideal for those that need a little more warmth. £149
Summer sailing weekend Bella of London 11th May 2018 18:00 12th May 2018 13th May 2018 2+ days This is a fantastic opportunity to sail the South costs when the sun is high and sample some of the fantastic sailing on Bella of London £149
Channel Island Cruise Bella of London 24th May 2018 18:00 25th May 2018 28th May 2018 4+ days 4 day cruise out to the Channel Islands and an excellent mile building opportunity. 220 miles £299
Maintenance crew only Bella of London 14th Jun 2018 0:00 15th Jun 2018 19th Jun 2018 5+ days Maintenance crew only
Bella Adventure - Leg One - Lymington to St Malo Bella of London 20th Jul 2018 18:00 21st Jul 2018 28th Jul 2018 8+ days Leg one of Bella's summer adventure will take place along the south coast of the UK and the north coast of France. This will be a tremendous trip which you need to be on! 300 miles £699
Bella Adventure - Leg Two Bella of London 28th Jul 2018 18:00 29th Jul 2018 4th Aug 2018 7+ days Leg 2 of Bella's summer adventure begins in Saint Malo, and takes in some of the north French coast as well as the stunning south coast of the UK. 300 miles £699
Bella September Sail Bella of London 14th Sep 2018 18:00 15th Sep 2018 16th Sep 2018 2+ days Bella's September sailing weekend £155
Season Closer - One Bella of London 5th Oct 2018 18:00 6th Oct 2018 7th Oct 2018 2+ days First of our season closing events £149
Season Closer - Two Bella of London 26th Oct 2018 18:00 27th Oct 2018 28th Oct 2018 2+ days Season Closer Event £129
Season Closer - Three Bella of London 9th Nov 2018 18:00 10th Nov 2018 11th Nov 2018 2+ days This is the Third of our season end sails £99