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Round Britain 2016 - Leg Three (LIVE UPDATES)

Welcome to Bella Sailing's 'Leg Three' Round Britain Live Blog!

Here you will find all the latest updates and news direct from Bella and her crew for Leg Three of our Round Britain experience:

Friday 22nd July - 17:53:

"We are off on Leg Three! Kyles of Bute tonight before the onward passage to the Crinan Canal."

Friday 22nd July - 17:58:

"During a demo of the onboard life safety equipment, our skipper has accidentally caught his lifejacket on the cockpit table which has ended up with a real life demonstration, a little more than he intended!"

Friday 22nd July - 20:08:

"What a fantastic location to stop over at the start of Leg Three. We are in the eastern Kyle's of Bute, tomorrow we head towards the Crinan Canal."

Saturday 23rd July - 10:15:

"We've arrived at the Crinan Canal at 10:15 after a journey with virtually no wind!"

Saturday 23rd July - 15:38:

"It's weird travelling through the countryside in an ocean-ready yacht." 

Saturday 23rd July - 17:56:

"Despite it looking like Richard's sitting in a vat of beer, the frothing behind him is due to the reaction between the fresh and salt water."

Saturday 23rd July - 18:20:

"Bella appears to have grown legs and taken to land. She is in fact en route via the Crinan Canal ."

Sunday 24th July - 06:20:

"Ready in the sea lock to escape on her passage to the Caledonian canal "

Sunday 24th July - 09:50:

"Richard helms us towards the Caledonian canal via a maze of islands in a passage that started at 02.00 on Sunday morning."

Sunday 24th July - 10:30:

"We arrived at the Caledonian at 10:30 hours, we all are ready for a rest and a shower "

Monday 25th July 10:22:

"As we approached Fort William we passed some beautiful buildings ."

Monday 25th July - 11:02:

"We have just completed Neptune's Staircase on the Caledonian Canal. Nine locks that takes us up to nearly the level of Loch Lochy ."

Tuesday 26th July - 09:02:

"We are in Loch Ness and we have seen the monster! Fortunately, we were able to get this genuine photograph of Nessy. It was awesome - so big - and noisy when it roared, luckily we escaped after some heroic sailing."

Tuesday 26th July - 10:30:

"Patty was concerned about midges in Scotland, so she went and bought some protection. We say she looks like a beekeeper but she was happy, so that's fine by us."

Tuesday 26th July - 12:21:

"At last, we have a sail up, albeit just the Genoa for the short sail through Loch Lochy. It was suggested that tab spinnaker should go up but we came to the conclusion that by the time we got it up we would need to get it down"

Tuesday 26th July - 14:47:

"Patty and Diane have evicted Sharples from the galley and taken charge. Commenting on the equipment carried by Bella, Patty said that next time she would bring a pinny, blender and microwave. Clearly, all essential sailing kit and the team at Bella apologise for not carrying a good supply of pinnies."

Tuesday 26th July - 16:07:

"Strange! An ocean-going yacht motoring through the Scottish highlands ."

Wednesday 27th July - 08:21:

"Wow, Loch Ness is enormous. We are about to have some breakfast and then we are off to fly some kites in the gentle breeze"

Wednesday 27th July - 14:48:

"Urquhart Castle - Famous in association with the monster and our lunch stopover."

Thursday 28th July - 11:28:

"Our last lock of Leg Three, albeit we have a few to do in Leg Four. Just one swinging bridge and we will be in the Marina and ready to start the preparations for Leg Four and our passage south to London."

Thursday 28th July - 11:59:

"Richard securing Bella with an awesomely impressive knot that nobody has seen before, and is likely to take several days to undo."

Thursday 28th July - 12:50:

"We're all tied up and ready to depart for our next passage. The Leg Three crew have had a tremendous time including a superb rendition of 'Friggin' in the Riggin ' after a few glasses of wine."

Thursday 28th July - 16:59:

Our furthest point north so far, 57° 29' North."

Thursday 28th July - 17:09:

"We have had to change marinas, so we have now exited the Caledonian Canal and are now berthed, as scheduled, in Inverness Marina."


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