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Round Britain 2016 - Leg Two (LIVE UPDATES)

Welcome to Bella Sailing's 'Leg Two' Round Britain Live Blog!

Here you will find all the latest updates and news direct from Bella and her crew for Leg Two of our Round Britain experience:

Friday 15th July - 15:15:

"Leg 2 - Kinsale to Largs is about to start. We are waiting for the crew to arrive on Saturday and we plan to set off as soon as possible. Rob has been on Bella during her week long stopover and using her as a base to explore the beautifully green Irish countryside. Commenting on the weather, Rob said that it's not true that it rains all the time in Ireland and it has only rained twice this week, Monday to Thursday and Thursday to Sunday! Irrespective of the liquid sunshine it is undoubtedly a magnificent country."

Friday 15th July - 16:25:

"Boarded by customs who arrived in their launch. Customs were really impressed with the comprehensive documentation of Bella. They were making routine checks for drugs so Rob offered them paracetamol or aspirin!"

Sunday 17th July - 10:40:

"Our leg two crew have all successfully made their way to Kinsale ready for the obligatory pre-sail crew photo!"

Monday 18th July - 05:50:

"We are off! Fantastic sun and a fair wind started our passage to Largs. Before the spectacular Irish sunset we managed to fly two spinnakers, going into the night we set up a poled out Genoa for safety but at about 02.00am the wind died, and the iron donkey was called upon. At the time of writing this, we are 8nm from south rock southern cardinal which sees the end of our passage along the southern coast and the beginning of our brother passage up the eastern coast of Ireland. We currently have about 500m visibility with fog and are currently motoring and navigating under radar."

A couple of snaps from earlier:

'Honourable Southerner Conrad at the helm as we leave Kinsale'

'Bye, bye Kinsale. In the red is the dreaded pub that induced so many wobbly legs!

'Built to keep the Spanish fleet out, Bella heads into St. George's Channel Sunday at approximately 16.00'

Monday 18th July - 10:58:

"Conrad is preparing to catch lunch fresh out of the Irish Sea, current orders are 2 Cod, 1 Sea Bass and 4 Mackerel. Off you go, Conrad!"

Monday 18th July - 11:48:

"Blind sailing - 9 knots, spinny up and sailing into thick fog - fantastic!"

Monday 18th July - 12:26:

"Fishing for lunch!"

Tuesday 18th - 08:25:

"Just about 30nm to go and Mike, the skipper, comments that it's probably the quickest that he has ever sailed from Kinsale to Largs, he goes on to say that it's the only time he's sailed from Kinsale to Largs, and therefore definitely the quickest, it's amazing what b****cks you can write at sea when there is not a lot on!"


Tuesday 18th July - 08:54:

"Our American guest star enjoying a morning breeze off the Scottish coast, she is more used to flying her 747 cargo plane around the world but is loving UK sailing on this fine morning."

Tuesday 18th July - 13:58:

"Ailsa Craig island, south of the Isle of Arran"

Tuesday 18th July - 15:26:

"Wow, how beautiful is Scotland and in particular the Clyde Estuary? We are just approaching Largs Marina two days ahead of schedule. We shall be moored up by 16:00. Tomorrow we are off to the Isle of Arran and Bute with a night under anchor. It looks and feels just like the Caribbean here."

Wednesday 21st July - 12:40:

"After two days of fishing Conrad finally caught three tins of John West salmon"

Wednesday 21st July - 18:48:

"Bella standing by for the return of the crew from the distillery."

Wednesday 21st July - 19:23:

"So, the crew went ashore in Aron and visited the distillery. The crew had to develop a social support structure to get back to Bella! Needless to say, the skipper was sober and on board looking after Bella."

Wednesday 21st July - 20:06:

"It's the final evening of Leg 2, anchored off of Rubber Dubh in the west Kyles of Bute. It's been a fantastic trip."

Wednesday 21st July - 23:11:

"The end of another fantastic trip. A great meal under anchor, with great wine and an awesome location. We are all set for Leg 3!"

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