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Bella's on her way home

Bella is on her way home from the Caribbean and will be back in the UK in time to get ready fo a full summer programme of sailing. Skippered by Robin Kenny, Bella left Antigua on the 4th of May and headed for Bermuda. After a brief stop there, Bella has headed out into the Atlantic and... Read more

Posted 19th May @ 5:01

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Bella ETA Azores midday Sunday

As at 04.00 UTC this morning Friday 23rd May, Bella was travelling at 6.5 knots on a course of 078 degrees true with an ETA of midday Sunday in the Azores.

After a brief rest and restocking the crew will start their final 1400nm passage back to the United Kingdom. The final pa... Read more

Posted 23rd May @ 8:47

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Bella return progress

Bella’s Progress on her return passage is good so far with just over 1000 nm miles to go.

Next Tuesday there are strong winds forecast at the continental shelf (F7 and big seas) so she is tweaking her course to head for La Corunna on the North Spanish coast where she anticipates s... Read more

Posted 31st May @ 7:31

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Cracking off the miles

Progress is looking good. Bethon of Lymington are now standing by to lift Bella to make sure her hull is really clean and slippery for the UK season after Bella's short stop off in Spain.

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Posted 31st May @ 9:44

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All change

The weather systems threw a characteristic curve ball which has enabled Bella to head directly for the Ushant traffic separation scheme then into the English channel.

At the time of writing this article she has circa 500 nautical miles to go which should bring her alongside some ti... Read more

Posted 4th June @ 7:27

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She's over the continental shelf

Hooray...Bella is over the continental shelf so finally her depth guage will start reading a depth again!

All looking good and the ETA at the Berthon Marina has come forward to Saturday afternoon.

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Posted 5th June @ 3:41

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Hooray - Bella's back

Bella is back! After 4000 nautical miles and 33 days Bella has berthed at Berthon Marina in Lymington. 

There's no rest for her though. She is being lifted today for a bottom scrub and essential repairs before her trip to Guernsey at the end of the week.
<... Read more

Posted 9th June @ 2:56

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Out of the water!

Bella has been removed from her natural habitat at the Berthon Marina, Lymington. Still, it's all in a good cause. We'll be back on the water soon! She's having her bottom scrubbed and re-antifouled and there is some essential maintenance to be carried out after 2 Atlantic crossi... Read more

Posted 11th June @ 2:38

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RTI 2014

Bella competed in the RTI race 2014 this weekend. A lack of wind forced around half of the fleet to retire but a great time was had by everyone.

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Posted 23rd June @ 3:51

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Well it's that time of the year again! 

On Monday morning Bella said farewell to Lymington Berthon Marina's waters and was lifted out for her winter hibernation and so the crew can start to undergo all of the essential maintenance to get her ready for our pac... Read more

Posted 2nd December @ 7:37

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Spring is in the air

At 22:45pm on the 20th March the ‘big ball of fire’ will wander across the equator and mark the beginning of spring.

Its journey north will awaken daffodils, tulips and of course the nocturnal monster called the fair-weather sailor.

The wise nocturnal sailors... Read more

Posted 6th March @ 11:43

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