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New Hydranet radial Genoa for cruising

For some time Bella has been successfully using a second hand UK Salis genoa for cruising, well the time has come to change it and Sanders Salis are about to take delivery of the cloth to build a new Hydranet radial Genoa.

The new sail should be ready for mid-April and will mean that she has a powerful genoa for general cruising purposes.

A Hydranet Radial cloth has been chosen as it is a strong sail with tightly woven polyester fabric and a supporting warp and fill grid of Dyneema® yarncloth which makes it ideal for general sailing use cruising.

Bellas sails take relatively high loads as a result of her size and we are confident that this new sail cloth will hold its shape for some time to come.

The target was to have a 150% genoa but in the end the size had to be reduced by 100mm to enable a good cut and to enable the helm to have some visibility under the sail.

This new Genoa compliments the set of North sails which Bella carries for racing.

Posted 29th March @ 8:32

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