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Spring is in the air

At 22:45pm on the 20th March the ‘big ball of fire’ will wander across the equator and mark the beginning of spring.

Its journey north will awaken daffodils, tulips and of course the nocturnal monster called the fair-weather sailor.

The wise nocturnal sailors use their winters to plan their summer sailing.

If you are one of these rare beasts, take a look at both Bella's racing and cruising itinerary for 2015. There is lots of action, races, great destinations and excitement to be had.

To mark the advent of the season, we are nearing the launch of our new website, so keep your eyes peeled for our refreshed site!

In the mean time, if you wish to join us onboard Bella this season, please contact our Skipper, Mike, on 0207 305 5000. We look forward to seeing you...

Team Bella.


Image Credit: Flickr User - Michael. DK

Posted 6th March @ 11:43

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