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Thank You From The Skipper...

I am writing this note from my office, having had a tremendous trip. Whilst arriving back in Lymington I reflected on the spectrum of experiences that we had during the passage. I must admit it was a strange feeling travelling west back into Lymington which we left several weeks ago travelling in a westward direction.

We have had a tremendous adventure travelling around the UK with a full range of weather conditions, some great crew and some awesome food.

Bella has behaved herself impeccably and carried us safely and quickly throughout the five-week trip.

It was a privilege and an honour to skipper the passage. I am acutely aware that this trip would not have been possible without a number of colleagues and crew making it happen, so here are some well deserved thank yous:

Only one person accompanied me all the way round and without him it simply wouldn’t have been possible to make the adventure happen. SHARPS, a great sailor and an awesome cook. Everyone got to know and love SHARPS and he was undoubtedly central to the whole trip. Thanks, mate.

Josephine (Jo), thank you so much for making it happen. For ensuring that everyone was booked on to the correct passage, that they had the correct joining instructions, that the food was delivered to Bella on time, for ensuring that individual dietary requirements have been met, and above all else, for ensuring that we had sufficient Curly Wurlys on board. Thank you, Jo.

Without all of our crew knowing what we were doing and how to join, there would have been no crew. Rhyan Thwaites (Rhyan with an H) - our Marketing Manager - worked relentlessly to fill the crew spaces and to present the adventure for all to see through extensive PPC, SEO and email activities (much of it black magic I think, but it works). For burning the late night oil in the office and for ensuring all our blogs were rapidly posted, thank you so much, Rhyan.

And finally to you; each of our five crews for our Round Britain adventure.

Each and every crew was unique, I really hope to have the opportunity to sail with you all again sooner rather than later...

Leg One:

Leg Two:

Leg Three:

Leg Four:

Leg Five:

Until next time, thank you and goodbye.


Posted 15th August @ 12:51


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