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A.I.S for Tracking and Safety

Bella is now fitted with the latest version of the Raymarine Automatic Identification System (A.I.S) to allow her to be seen at sea by all commercial vessels and leasure vessels carrying A.I.S. The automatic signal transmits Bella's position, speed, course over ground, call sign and MMSI number.

A.I.S also enables the tracking of Bella from land using web applications such as so whenever you are on Bella your friends and family can see how you are making progress.

A.I.S is required by law for all vessels over 300 gross tonnes. Mike Surridge commented that " we have taken the decision to fit A.I.S for safety and to give the opportunity for friends and family to see the progress of Bella and where she is at any given moment. While this is not a legal requirement, we think it makes a huge amount of sense and we always act on the side of safety."

Posted 19th March @ 5:31


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