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Winter refit

Bella is about to prepare for her winter work for 2016/17. We already have a a brand new main sail for 2017 which is sitting in the warehouse of Sanders sails awaiting the new season. During the winter we will be re ani-fouling the hull, fitting a new forward hatch, brand new saloon seat covers will be fitted, some additional turning blocks for ouir enormous 145% genoa, some new plumbing, a bow plate to protect the bow from a swinging achor when anchoring, some detailed wood work, all the lifejackets will be serviced, we are replacing the flares and of course giving her a deep clean. Thats just an enormous amount of work but neccessary to maintain her hight standards. Bella will be lifted by Berthon on 15th December and held in a cradle during the maintenance until February 17th when we will begin recommissioning her for the 2017 season.

Posted 1st December @ 1:14


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