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Progress of the new sail

Following our previous post, Bella's new sail is in the process of production and Sanders Sails have kindly kept us updated thus far of the fascinating process from when the cloth arrives to seaming it into one piece.  

Above are images of the cloth as it arrived, still rolled up in its packaging. It is then unrolled and placed on the laser cutting table where it is then cut with the laser into panels. The cut panels are then numbered and placed together.

The panels are broken down and double sided tape is applied to them. They are then seamed with heavy duty sewing machines and sewn into one piece creating the sail. 

Next week, the patches will be stitched on as well as the sunstrip. The luff padding will then be applied and by Friday the final handwork will be done thus completing the sail. We can't wait to see the finished product.

We will be sure to post images of Bella with her new sail. 


Posted 16th April @ 5:31


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