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Round Britain 2016 - Leg Four (LIVE UPDATES)

Welcome to Bella Sailing's 'Leg Four' Round Britain Live Blog!

Here you will find all the latest updates and news direct from Bella and her crew for Leg Four of our Round Britain experience:

Sunday 31st July - 09:17:

"And we are off, we slipped out of our berth at 08.30 this morning and are currently leaving Inverness firth. The wind is blowing nicely from the west which should provide us with great sail power for the passage. Typically the sun is being evasive but we hope to re discover it as we head south."

Sunday 31st July - 11:02:

"Our first leg is proving quite quick with up to 10.5 knots dead down-wind with just the foresail up. The crew are just getting a feel of Bella and her characteristics. As soon as we pass out next waypoint we will be hoisting the main and launching a spinnaker."

Sunday 31st July - 12:10:

"The crew enjoying Peter's birthday cake!"

Sunday 31st July - 13:48:

"We've just passed RAF Lossiemouth with steady westerly 16kn breeze in the sun"

Sunday 31st July - 20:55:

"Going into our first night watch since leaving Inverness."

Sunday 31st July - 23:00:

"Approaching midnight but still time for a cup of tea, Peter is seen here on watch 10 miles off Aberdeen."


Tuesday 2nd August - 14:34:

"Wind farms!"

Tuesday 2nd August - 16:23:

"A few of Andy's shots from this afternoon as the crew spot wind farms and amethyst field platforms."

Tuesday 2nd August - 23:12:

"Bella moored in Great Yarmouth's town quay last night."

Wednesday 3rd August - 08:47:

"We arrived in Great Yarmouth at approx 21.30 last night and after some breakfast and replacing a mast light bulb we are about to set sail for London. The sun is shining today, which makes a pleasant change."

Wednesday 3rd August - 10:11:

"Before we left Lowestoft we took some time out to look at a historic trawler and Simon and Sharps took control."

Wednesday 3rd August - 12:14:

"Refuelling in Great Yarmouth after our overnight stay."

Wednesday 3rd August - 14:23:

"Heading for London 2nd reef in 33 knots of breeze. Looking good."

Wednesday 3rd August - 20:24:

"Having left Great Yarmouth this morning and bashed into heavy seas we finally admitted that nature got the better of us. Turned downwind and headed for lower soft for the night. A couple of beers in the yacht club definitely beats beating into F6 winds and bumpy seas."

Thursday 4th August - 15:38:

"Leaving Lowestoft Harbour. Next stop, London!"

Thursday 4th August - 18:57:

"Tacked by the lighthouse heading toward Felixstowe."

Friday 5th August - 05:00:

"After a 15.00 start from Lowestoft we have arrived in London at 05.00, unfortunately, the marina doesn't open until 07.00 and our tidal window will have gone by then, so the next time we can access the marina is 12.30. So in a somewhat unceremonial manner, we have rafted alongside a rubbish barge (empty) and Sharps has taken a few minutes from his onboard burger van to grab some sleep."

Friday 5th August - 11:07:

"A few shots from this morning as we came into London at 3am - The Docklands, The O2, Canary Wharf and Thames Barrier. Followed by Greenwich and the Cutty Sark. Seven hundred nautical miles completed for Leg 4."


Friday 5th August - 11:20:

"Everybody is out on the river today - Ben got a bit wet."

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