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Round Britain 2016 - Leg Five (LIVE UPDATES)

Welcome to Bella Sailing's 'Leg Five' Round Britain Live Blog!

Here you will find all the latest updates and news direct from Bella and her crew for Leg Five of our Round Britain experience:

Tuesday 9th August - 19:27:

"And we are off...Leg 5. No, we haven't changed vessel, but we are off for a celebration dinner before we depart for our first overnight stopover at Chatham. McSharples is still awaiting his new kilt which is yet to be delivered from the Scottish leg."

Tuesday 9th August - 21:23:

"Magnificent marinated filet in Gaucho - absolutely awesome - more red meat than I'd eat in a year! A spectacularly good start to Leg 5 for the crew."


Tuesday 9th August - 11:23:

"A few more shots from this evening, including Tower Bridge."

Wednesday 10th August - 08:06:

"The Tower Bridge crew!"

Wednesday 10th August - 16:43:

"Coming out of the Thames."


Wednesday 10th August - 17:23:

Thursday 11th August - 09:13:

"Leaving Chatham Marina Lock"

Thursday 11th August - 13:10:

"War of the worlds, space invaders? No, but Bella is passing the old war forts off the Kent coast."

Thursday 11th August - 17:12:

"We've made it to Ramsgate!"

Friday 12th August - 10:01:

"Heading for Dover. The crew are on the rail and we are beating ahead of the nearest yacht!"

Friday 12th August - 20:03:

"Snuck into Eastbourne on the back of a storm, another lock gate to get into."

Friday 12th August - 21:03:

"7 geezers enjoying a meal after a tough day in rough sea. But it's Friday night, we're in Eastbourne and not a bingo caller to be seen."

Saturday 13th August - 09:18:

"Leaving Eastbourne and rounding Beachy Head."

Saturday 13th August - 10:23:

"Jaffa Cakes - Never have so many been eaten by so few."

Saturday 13th August - 10:23:

"Back in Cowes!"

Sunday 14th August - 10:12:

"Lymington appears very close as we prepare to complete our Round Britain adventure."

Posted 9th August @ 8:43


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