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Channel Island Cruise

Cruise Date: 25th May 2018

4 day cruise out to the Channel Islands and an excellent mile building opportunity.

Organiser Bella of London
Join Bella 18:00 24th May
Cruise Date 25th May
Leave Bella 28th May
Miles 220 miles
Days 4+ days
Price £299

The Channel Islands are beautiful and diverse. We will be setting out from Lymington and heading off to Alderney. Our trip will take us around the Channel Islands, the order being influenced by weather and tidal considerations. Typically this passage would include a range of points of sail with the crossings being a Close reach – Broad reach sail. This is a fantastic opportunity to log miles and gain a broader range of sailing experiences.

As ever we will feed and water you on board and there will be plenty of opportunity to eat shore side and experience the local Cuisine.

The crew will have a broad range of experience so you do not need to be an experienced sailor to enjoy this passage.